Audit & Business Consulting is an audit and accounting organization firm that has been operating its activity since 1991. Our objective is to provide our clients with the necessary instruments to enable them to achieve excellent results.

Audit & Business Consulting s.a.s. is located in Rome and has as its business purpose the organization of accounting and the audit and certification of financial statements. The firm was founded in 1991 with the intention of offering a high-quality service through personnel with profound technical and professional knowledge, as well as considerable flexibility.

The Firm is authorized to offer this activity by decree of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Artisanship, together with the Ministry of Justice. Upon introduction of Legislative Decree Nr 88, dated 27 January 1992, the Firm was subsequently included in the registry of audit firms currently maintained by the Ministry of Justice in accordance with Ministerial Decree of 13 June 1995, published on 16 June in Fascicle 46 Bis of the Fourth Special Series of the “Gazzetta Ufficialeā€¯.

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