The main objective of the Firm’s activity is to provide an integrated assistance to companies in administration, accounting, organizational and tax fields through multiple services. The main activity is the audit and certification of financial statements which serves to determine if accounting records are accurate and complete, and if the statements prepared from the accounts present fairly the organization’s financial position and the results of its financial operations.

Other services offered include:

  • Valuation of firms, firm branches, brands and movies;
  • Administrative and fiscal assistance.  This activity is included indirectly when carrying out the audit activity;
  • Audits and valuations of financial statements in situations of contestations among partners, company disasters, and controls requested by minority  shareholders;
  • Organization of accounting. Analysis and evaluation in order to optimize procedural processes that feed into the accounting system, also taking into account financial issues;
  • Risk analysis and assessment linked to firms’ activities;
  • Tax Due Diligence;
  • Certification of production costs for films produced, in coproduction, with the intention of benefitting from fiscal incentives destined to sustain the cinemaphotographic sector;
  • Assistance in the elaboration of Business Plans;
  • Assistance in the implementation of Budgeting, Reporting and Control systems;
  • Assistance in setting up Trusts;
  • Consultation activity for the implementation of economic-financial plans developed by promoters of initiatives pertaining to construction and management of public works and services inproject financing;
  • Training of administrative personnel and internal auditor role.

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